Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thank You!

Snowball the dancing cockatoo, a sanctuary bird here at Bird Lovers Only Rescue, became globally famous toward the end of September of 2007 when the video of him dancing to a Backstreet Boys tune became viral and traveled around the world. I'd received many thousands of emails, calls, and letters since then. I remember one email in particular from a family member of an elderly woman in the hospital. This family member emailed us asking for a DVD of Snowball because it made her elderly mother laugh. The followup email which we received recently is below.

Dear Birdlovers,
I and my family wish to thank you for Snowball. The DVD you sent for our mother to enjoy last fall gave her many months of laughter. She watched Snowball for the last time the evening before she quietly passed in her sleep. She was able to die with dignity in our home. Our mother suffered from many ailments including depression and she was wheelchair bound at the end. But that didn't stop her from tapping and bobbing with Snowball. I have to stress that in the last years of her life there wasn't much that made her laugh. Then Snowball came along and it was as if she had found a happy pill. Please give Snowball a kiss from all of us for putting a little laughter in our mother's heart. May God bless all of you - especially Snowball.

Names have been omitted to ensure the family's privacy.