Friday, July 11, 2008

"Come To The Edge"

Dr. Kim Bloomer of Animal Talk Naturally on Blog Talk Radio wrote a poignant piece on animal care and responsible ownership. We all too often seek things to fulfill our lives to make us happy without researching what it is that will make the pets happy and healthy. Although I believe that people are well-intentioned in wanting to provide a good home for a bird, they often times purchase a bird on impulse without researching what it takes to make the bird happy and healthy. Birds are extremely intelligent, needy, and demanding. They are excellent at masking their illnesses so there is no way of telling whether the bird is healthy by appearance alone. Birds need to be checked by an avian vet yearly, they need to have plenty of out of cage time, they need a variety of healthy foods to eat, and they need to have plenty of different toys to keep them interested while they are in their cage.

Please go to this link to read Dr. Kim Bloomer's article.