Saturday, November 21, 2009

Snowball's Sponsors

Snowball wishes to thank the sponsors who so generously pledged to make the dance-a-thon on Saturday, November 14, 2009 a success for the children. Not only did Snowball raise enough money to provide clothes and toys for disadvantaged children at Christmas, but enough money was raised to purchase school uniforms for those living in gang areas. School uniforms will replace street clothes that promote gang colors, resulting in less gang violence on school grounds. And finally, 50 families will each receive a 12 pound turkey with all the side dishes for Thanksgiving.

Snowball continued to receive donations for the children after the sponsor board was created, so we wish to thank not only those who did make the sponsor board but those who did not. The complete list up to and including November 21st is as follows:

  • Pet Supplies Plus (Dyer, IN) - in addition, PSP has provided bird food at a very reasonable cost to Snowball and his friends at Bird Lovers Only Rescue.
  • Bird Paradise (Burlington, NJ) - in addition, BP has provided toys and food at a very reasonable cost as well as Snowball's show cage. Snowball liked this cage so much that he now uses it as his regular cage where he retires for the night.
  • Sy Montgomery, national best-selling author - not only has Sy been a wonderful supporter, but she has become my mentor and adventure hero.
  • Global Ideas, Japan - an innovative and creative company.
  • Beth Krum - for creating the beautiful sponsor board.
  • The Platinum Parrot (Lisa & George Bono)
  • Ellen Cook DVM - an avian vet who I greatly admire for her knowledge of parrot behavior.
  • Christy Woloszyn from the Hair Cuttery (Dyer, IN).
  • Su Gould - in addition, Su has been instrumental in acquiring a professional photographer for Snowball and in volunteering her skills in graphics.
  • Michelle and Brandon Grabarek
  • The Garvey family
  • Dawn Satkowski
  • Joseph Rybicki
  • Mike and Sylvia Wilson
  • Nancy Gray
  • Jeanette Lesich
  • Ramona Cooper
  • Christine Misiak
  • Main Event Music - to Jef Jarecki for providing DJ service for the dance-a-thon (219) 322-6309
  • Joe Fisher
  • Sarah Katherine
  • Jan Kullman
  • Juanita Jarecki - for making the Snowball costume
  • Jim Beil
  • Sandy Kowalski
  • Lynne Jackson
  • Sammy Chow
  • Gayle Podowski - for Snowball's "red carpet"
  • Kay Sheridan
  • Hoosier Sports - Judy Hein
  • Carole Young - for continuing support of the birds at Bird Lovers Only as well as promoting avian education and awareness.
  • Lynn Watts
  • Nancy Stannard
  • Carol Baskas - for dressing up like Snowball and entertaining all the children!
  • Prairie Junior High School
  • Dyer United Methodist Church
  • Chuck and Irena Schulz
  • Bird Lovers Only Rescue
  • The dancers who took part in the dance-a-thon.
  • The 'behind-the-scenes' volunteers that made this happen.
  • And a very special thank you to Natasha, Dan, Jef, and Chris. There would not have been a dance-a-thon fundraiser for the children if not for you! Thank you for two fun-filled days!