Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Bach Flower Remedies

Dr. Edward Bach recognized the need to improve the emotions as one of several ways to treat disease. He started his research in the 1900s, investigating how flowers might affect emotions. He knew that the sight and smell of certain flowers produced various emotional shifts in humans. Eventually, he learned how to isolate the flower's essence, which then can be used for therapeutic purposes.
He categorized 38 flowers by their ability to alter the emotions of his patients. Flower essences are intended to work only the mental and emotional aspects of the patient. There are flower essences for fear, anger, transition, anxiety, depression, insecurity, stress and many other emotions. Several different flower essences often are combined in the same bottole to deal with multiple emotional symptoms. A flower essence formula is usually used with other therapies.
English flower essences, modeled after the 38 flowers of Dr. Edward Bach, are remarkably effective for various emotional problems.
(Please note that Bach Flowers are to assist in healing your birds. They should not replace conventional therapies that your bird might need.)

Reference: "Holistic Care For Birds" by David McCluggage, DVM & Pamela Leis Higdon