Thursday, September 6, 2007

Food Dyes

Many food dyes are synthetic and are not natural. Synthetic food colors are sometimes derived from petroleum or coal tars. In high doses, these food dyes have caused cancer in lab rats. They are also linked to allergies and even behavioral disorders. According to the FDA, different dyes can cause different problems.

Red dye #3 has been linked to thyroid tumors, chromosomal damage, and hyperactivity. Red dye #40 has been linked to lymphatic tumors and hyperactivity. Blue dye #1 has been known to cause chromosomal damage, while blue dye #2 has been linked to brain tumors. Green dye #3 can cause bladder tumors. Yellow dye #5 has been known to cause thyroid and lymphatic tumors, allergic reactions, and hyperactivity, and yellow dye #6 has caused kidney tumors, chromosomal damage, and allergic reactions.

It is highly recommended to use natural dyes in your bird's food (and yours as well).