Monday, June 8, 2009

Irena and Snowball(TM) on Good Morning America

Irena Schulz will be appearing with Snowball (TM) on Good Morning America on Thursday, June 11, 2009. They will then be participating in the World Science Festival in New York City that weekend. Irena is one of the speakers during the Avian Einsteins programs on Saturday, June 13th. Snowball(TM), the prodigal parrot, will make a special appearance during this program. They will both be attending the Street Festival on Sunday, June 14th.


Lea76s said...

Do you think Snowball knows what is going on when he goes on these talkshows?

By the way, I'm from Greenwood, Indiana.

I would love to have a bird like snowball..

Lea76s said...

Do you think Snowball knows whats going on when he goes on these talkshows? Do you think he enjoys it?

I'm from Greenwood, Indiana by the way.

I would love to have a bird like snowball.


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I just love what you and Snowball are doing...I have only had a parakeet in my lifetime but I did so love my Bluebird. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helne

Maccamare said...

I was glad I got to see you & Snowball on GMA Irena! They took way too long to put you guys on though! I guess they saved the best 'til last ;-) I was worried for you 2 being out in the open. There are a lot of nuts out there. Anyone could have taken a pot shot at Snowball for their own demented reasons or think it's funny. I hope you guys are all home safe and sound. Take care. Glad you're back!!

Love, Auntie M

zeon-soldier-04 said...

Awsome Cockatoo I Love Birds

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